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How are clean room swabs produced?

Jul 08, 2019

The stick comes out of the stick chute through the unloader wheel. At the unloader wheel, the stick travels through the conveyor chain passing through the paste receptacle. At this point, the paste is applied to one or both ends of the stick (one for single head swabs, two for double-ended swabs). For plastic sticks, heaters are used instead of paste. Then the cutting surface and the stick are joined at the mold opening. The preferred shape of the cotton tip is formed through the mold. In the mold, the binder solution is also released to enhance the binding effect. All cotton particles that can be released during the process are absorbed through the cotton particle collector system. Drying and sterilization of cotton swabs is achieved in the heater channel, where cotton swabs are passed through the heater chain. After drying, the swabs are passed directly to an automatic packaging procedure that is packed with a PP film.