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Sản Phẩm phòng sạch được sản xuất như thế nào?

Jul 08, 2019

The sticks come out from the stick chute through the un-loader wheel. From the un-loader wheel the sticks move through the conveyor chain passing through the paste receptacle. At this point, paste is applied at one or both ends of the stick (one for single-head cotton buds and two for twin-tips cotton buds). In the case of plastic sticks heater is used instead of paste. The cut cotton and sticks are then joined together at the mold entrance. Desired shape of the cotton tip is formed through the mold. At the mold, binder solution is also ejected to enhance binding effect. All cotton particles which may be emitted during the process are absorbed through the cotton particles collector system. Drying and sterilization of the cotton buds are achieved at the heater channel, where the cotton buds are conveyed through the heater chains. After drying, the cotton buds are directly conveyed to the automatic packaging procedure to be packed in PP film.